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Carolyn Larsen

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Grand Marais, MN

I just wanted to say that the Silky my daughter had when she was a baby was a lifesaver. She is now 11, and it is folded up and put safely away, as it is a bit tattered. Today we ordered 2 pillowcases, and a new silky in a more mature pattern : Thank You, we love our Cherish & Joy


Thursday, April 21, 2016


Beautiful blanket. Lived up to what I had hoped for

Carly Sheer

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Washington State

Best blanket in the world!! My daughter loves it! So silky and yummy!!❤️


Friday, October 7, 2011

Charleston, SC

I can not tell you how much we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Silky's! 11 years ago, my son received his first silky. Thankfully, we had received TWO and were able to replace it when the first one was "lost". Since then my 9 year old daughter has fallen in love with hers and thanks to your website has at least 6! It is amazing that there are still nights when we are "searching" for just one of them! I must say that even I have one! Yes, you can never be too old to be attached to these precious silky's! Being a dentist, I have also fallen in LOVE with your tooth fairy kits! What an excellent invention! I just ordered 8 more kits... I give them out as gifts to everyone I know expecting a baby! Thank you so much for these fabulous products! After 11 years I can honestly say that you can never have too many Silky's. We too have lost them in a hotel, on a cruise ship, at friends house's, etc.., etc...! Every few years I try and stock up! Thank you again and I hope to always be a loyal customer!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Great site, congratulations.


Monday, August 29, 2011

You made me a custom order a couple of months ago for my son, a "sailboat" silky. He had his original one since he was 3, but this past winter we lost it at the hospital emergency room on christmas eve... long story... he is 9 now. He made a full recovery from the issues that sent him to the hospital, but he never got over losing his childhood "friend" and neither could I. When I gave him the silky you made for him, which was almost exactly like the one he left at the ER, I wish you could have seen the look on the face of our now long and lanky 9 year old.... he melted back to my 3 year old boy (I am tearing up now) from long ago and hugged it to his face and said "my silky!! I missed you!!" I can't thank you enough for this joyful moment... Brad


Monday, August 29, 2011

I was doing the laundry (dont laugh) and thought these guys could use a wash. Meet the Mr. Bs. The Mr. Bs are critical, vital, indispensible members of our family. The one on the right is slightly more yellow than the one on the left, obviously. The one on the right is Yellow Mr. B and on the left is Gray Mr. B. Naturally. Gray is the original. My friend Colleen, a child therapist, gave Kate Gray when she was just born. Of course, John and I looked at it and thought: what the hell thing is this? We arent too bright. Colleen explained that it was a transitional object to help babies when they transition to things like cars, cribs, etc. Um, ok. Well, sure enough Kate started using it when she was a few months old. She used him for napping and any time she got sleepy or scared. We got Yellow when she started pre-school because could you imagine what would happen if she lost Gray? Anyway, one or both Mr. Bs have gone to pre-school, kindergarten, every sleepover, and to bed with Kate every night for the past 9 1/2 years. They were never more crucial than when Kate got sick. The Mr. Bs were in the hospital bed with her every step of the way. I remember looking at Kate in the middle of the night when she was beginning to shut down emotionally, and I would see her staring at the ceiling and tickling her Mr. B (that means rubbing her fingertips on it) for hours. One or both Mr. Bs have been to every spinal tap, bone marrow aspirate, xray, ekg, chemo infusion and exam. Sometimes hiding in a backpack, other times tucked under her chin. I wonder if they make Mr. Bs for grown-ups? Maybe thats what the shoe department at Saks is for

Stefanie Ryder

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I just had to write a note to thank you for sharing your wonderful Silky's with us! Our daughter received her first Silky as a "welcome to the world" gift. Nine years later, Madison's Silky is her most loved possession: It has comforted her in her most needed times. Unfortunately, as we recently returned from our vacation, we realized that Silky was left behind. It has been quite a traumatic few days and after some thought that Madison is old enough to be without her Silky, we have decided to order her another two Silky's. They won't be quite as special as her original Silky, but we couldn't imagine her life without one. Thanks again for such a wonderful product! Stefanie Ryder


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The best gift that we ever got when they were babies came from my Mom, and they were the Travel Silkies by cherish and joy My Mom sent Julien a silky when he was a tiny baby and we were living in France. As soon as he could grasp something, this soft, satin on one side and cow print on the other became his FAVORITE thing. It took him 2 minutes to fall to sleep courtesy of "silky". Well, one day we were out shopping in France, and when we got home silky had fallen out of the stroller. I called my Mom, frantic, and she immediately contacted the company, bought TWO, and fed exed them to me in France...we had a week of "not happy baby" till those things arrived. He is now nearly 7, and hides them under his pillow, where they get taken out in the dark to help him sleep and do that "silky magic". We call it his "tee tee", as when he began to talk he could not say "silky" and hence "cow tee tee" became the name of the object of his desire. Fast forward to 2 years later and the birth of my daughter, Amelie. She also was given a "cow tee tee" from my Mom, and did the same rubbing on the cheek and nose, thumb sucking action that her older brother did (and still does, albeit "in the closet" these days)...Well, she has "cow tee tee" and "other one tee tee", which is all pink with no cow print. "Other one tee tee" never quite cut the cake. SO...it has now been 4 weeks and cow tee tee is lost somewhere. I thought she would get over it and just start using "other one tee tee"...but this is NOT the case. Every time she is tired, or sad, or sick, she cries for "cow tee tee". I was just on line to see if they still make the coveted "cow tee tee", and thank Goodness that they do. I am going to call and order her one as a surprise and have it be sent to her...it will be a $27 well spent. The rubbing, sucking action that these little soft blankies bring on is universal...I recently gave one to a friends 4 month old, and he does the same thing. Instant comfort for the sad and weary... So, "cow tee tee" is the best gift we have ever gotten...the easy bedtimes, comfort and relief that this little object has given to my kids is immeasurable. I may even order two for her and stash one away...just in case. PS. The only downside? I can not count how many hours we have spent searching for Amelie's "cow tee tee", as she refuses to leave it in bed and takes it everywhere. One got thrown out at Christmastime with the trash...got a new one. It has been left shoved into a bucket outside in the rain in the Playhouse...under sofa cushions, in restaurants. I could have written a dissertation for a PhD, if I added up the hours spent searching for her beloved "cow tee tee". PPS, the only other issue with "cow tee tee" is that I hope that my 7 year old son does not end up stealing women's undergarments off of clothes lines, due to his extreme love of "all things silky"...(small joke that my husband and I have had for years now...)


Monday, August 17, 2009


My adopted daughter loves her silky! She has had it with her everyday for the past 6 years! It has taken a beating and held up so well. I just ordered one for my newly adopted son! He is going to love it in Blue/Choc and maybe stop taking his sisters! We love the silky!

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